An Update For My Fans

Wednesday 09/16/2009 8:18am
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Hey all, thanks for visiting my website, the place to find all things Alexa.

I am doing great. I had my surgery on June 26th, 2009 and have been wearing my brace now for two months. The doctors are happy with the progress my foot has made and I will be able to go down to only wearing the brace while sleeping in two more months. Check out the photos of the progress my foot made over time in the photo gallery.

I am approaching 6 months old and will be able to start trying some real food soon. Milk is yummy and all, but a girl needs a little variety in her life so I am looking forward to branching out.

Mom and Dad can't believe how fast I am growing. I am approaching 17 pounds and only weigh 12 pounds less than my big sister Nadia. Every time she feels the need to pick on me, I wish that I could talk so I could remind her I will be bigger than her soon!

I have added lots of new photos in several categories and some new videos as well, so be sure to check them out and come back soon.
On 09/22/2009 Great Grammy Johnson writes...

Alexa, you are beautiful at 6 mos.! I am so glad your foot is getting better. Just two more months of wearing the brace during your awake time. I know you will be so glad to get out of it.

I will come see you very soon.

I love you a lot!

Great Grammy Johnson

On 01/04/2010 Peggy Jenkins Miller writes...

Alexa is such a beautiful baby! I am so sorry she is having to deal with all the club foot surgery/issues. But the good news is I believe she will be able to run & play just like a child should so she can enjoy being a child and get plenty of exercise etc. too. She sure looks like a happy child in her pictures so you parents must be doing a few things right! Jon, I don't know your family at all but I do know Melissa has a great role model re Mom,Grandma,&Great Grandma! They have 2 great parents

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