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6 Years Old
01/10/2016 5:41pm
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12/31/2014 10:42:55am
4 Years Old
12/31/2013 2:55pm
Alexa Is Well
06/04/2012 4:26pm
Next Step....World Domination
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6 Years Old

Sunday 01/10/2016 5:41pm
Alexa is doing fantastic. She is now six years old and in first grade. She cut her hair off short this year. She is very interested in gymnastic and just started taking lessons.

Please check out the new photos in 6th birthday and 6 years old. There are also some new videos

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Kindergarten and More

Wednesday 12/31/2014 10:42:55am
I am now five years old. I started kindergarten this year and love it. I have a cool teacher and am learning to read.

Check out what has been going on in my life. I added new photos of my 5th Birthday and my last year in the 5 years old category. There are also some new videos.

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4 Years Old

Tuesday 12/31/2013 2:55pm
Alexa is doing great! She pretty much has completely normal mobility and no further treatment is expected to be needed for her club foot.

Alexa is now in Pre-K and is learning a lot. She will start kindergarten next year.

I have added new photos in the 3 years old, 4th birthday, and 4 years old categories.

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Alexa Is Well

Monday 06/04/2012 4:26pm
For those that may not know, Alexa had to have a corrective surgery on her club foot on May 8th. She will have spent a total of seven weeks in a cast, which comes off on June 20th. She has been incredibly brave and tough, and inspiring to us all. She doesn’t let anything hold her back.

Alexa recently had her third birthday, but anyone who said she was anything other than five suffered severe repercussions.

I added new photos in several categories and some new videos. I added the last of the photos to her two year old category and started a new three year old page.

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Next Step....World Domination

Wednesday 09/28/2011 4:12pm
So I am now two and a half. I can walk, talk, run, and am not the least bit afraid of expressing myself.

Mom, Dad, and Nadia have all learned to fear my wrath and have finally realized it’s my way, or NO way. In fact, I pretty much have my household under my complete control, which was just the first step in my evil plans for world domination. I have added some new pictures from my busy summer. Enjoy.

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